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Regenerative medical implants under National Engineering laboratory:

1) of regenerative medicine and stem cell research: Research on in situ chamber induced regeneration mechanism and influence factors, the application of stem cell technology.

2) industrial engineering and technology research laboratories: the key technology of key technology, regenerative biological materials and regeneration implanted medical instruments industry research and study;

3) bone tendon product R & D department: the research and development of all kinds of bone repair materials, fixation, fusion, artificial bone, tendon and ligament products;

4) tube membrane products R & D department: R & D tissue patch, cornea, hernia patch, vascular, tube, urethral products;

5) study of artificial skin and protein engineering technology R & D room: artificial skin, collagen peptide products, injection;

6) immune technology research laboratories: removal of heterologous immune rejection technique and evaluation of primary method;

7) virus inactivating technology research laboratories: Study on the method of killing animal known viruses and virus;

8) try clean workshop Industrialization: industrial engineering integration research;

9) public laboratory: providing public experimental platform for the students of medical engineering material and regeneration implanted medical device field;

10) standards and norms research laboratory: establishing product standards and comply with the regulatory standard;

11) information and training department: to master the latest information of global industry and culture industry of high-end talent.

The organizational structure is as follows:

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